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Tips on keeping those old carpets at home clean and healthy

20th Sep 2016

The inside and outside of any home can look fabulous when the Carpets are kept clean. A carpet is an integral part of most homes, not only for aesthetic reasons but for functional needs as well. They provide the right ambience and also keep the home and its surroundings, cozy and comfortable too. However, as time passes by, wear and tears happen, and the carpet would ultimately lose its shine and sheen as well. With kids and pets around, it is but understood that maintaining a clean carpet at all times is a chore. No matter how much you try, you vacuum or even dry bathe it; stains and dust particles would eat its life out over time. Hence, what one needs would be miracle tips to overcome such issues, and to have a healthy carpet at home too.

  1. A carpet at home would have dirt and dust accumulated on it, especially the carpet kept outside. Vacuuming the carpet everyday would help dust and dirt go, but only to an extent. It also depends on the materials from which the carpet has been made, because different techniques would then be needed to clean the carpet. More than just wiping the stain off a carpet, one has to ensure that the texture of the fibers isn’t beaten to death in doing so. Hence, products chosen for carpet cleaning need to be mild and eco-friendly.
  2. The online markets and brick and mortar stores have a wide range of carpet cleaners, each claiming to be the best. However, one could also use age old recipes to clean the carpet at home, with products that have ingredients sourced from kitchens. But if you do decide to use one of the commercial cleaning agents, check the ingredients on the bottle and then buy. Instructions should be followed, or else the carpet could be damaged.
  3. Your kids should be taught not to sit on the carpet while eating or drinking, coloring or playing with anything that could stain and destroy the carpet. If a spill does happen, ensure to use baking soda to absorb the spill, and then use a mild agent to clean it. However, be gentle and do not scrub, just dab with a clean damp cloth.

If all else fails and you do not have the patience to clean the Carpets at home, call experts or service providers that would do the needful for a minimal fee.

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